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What You Need to Remember After Getting Hitched!

So, your big day has come and gone and you think that the work is over. Be aware though that there are things that need to be done once you’ve tied the knot. This compilation will remind you of some things that need to be done before you relax and start your new life as a married person.

Automobile Related

If you change your name as part of your marriage, you will need to make some changes to reflect that. The first change is your license. You will need to present your old license and marriage license in order to make this change. At the same time, have your vehicle registration changed. Do not forget to contact your insurance company and change your name with them as well. You may also be required to add your spouse to your current policy.

Identity Related

The government requires that your social insurance number be changed into your new name. You will also need to notify the governing body that handles your taxes in order to prevent confusion come tax season. You definitely do not want to forget to make the change on your passport as well. While you are going through the motions with government agencies take the time to update voter registration information.

Some postal services will want notification of a name change too. This will require you to fill out a card to ensure that mail service is not disrupted. This is important especially if you have a postal box registered in your name.


Be sure that your spouse is listed as the beneficiary on any life insurance policies, investments and any other interests you may hold. This ensures that the money goes where it should if anything happens to you. Sometimes when no beneficiary is designated, the money can simply be absorbed by a financial institution or can be a hassle for the survivor to access. The bank will also help you to change your name on any other accounts that you possess. Any credit cards that you currently have should be notified. Some retailers will ask for ID before a card can be used and if the two names do not match up you won’t be able to use your card.

Other areas to remember…

If you already own a home, be sure to update your name on any deeds or titles. Your lawyer will be able to help you with this. While you are at the lawyer’s office, update your will if you have one.

Some people have memberships to gyms, auto clubs etc. You need to contact each agency and give them your updated information.

Remembering to make the necessary changes will save you many headaches that can arise from an oversight. Some places may refuse you access or service if your registered name is different from the account or membership holder. Be sure to make the updates as soon as possible after changing your name. The best way to be sure that you do not forget anything is to make a list. Write down everywhere that needs to be notified and then work your way through the list. After this is done the fun begins, and you are free to start your happy new life in wedded bliss.

This is a guest post by George Watts, a part-time guest-blogger. His main interests are Investment and Finance. He is constantly extending his fields of interest to incorporate news suggested to him by his readers. He currently represents Insurance Town, a great option, if you’re looking for the best home insurance rates.

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